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Update 8-7-12

Well here we go my last up date till christmas.... And I know your all like "WHHHAAAATTT!!!!! MOTHER DUMP TRUCKING CHRISTMAS" yeah..... I'm leaving not because of all of you guys on Hatena because of school. Every year as soon as school starts my parents take away all my stuff:

My iPod

My DSIs (both of them)

My radio

My phone

EVERY THING. So it's nearly imposable for me to be on during the school year :(

But hears some fairly good news I guess... I will get my stuff back at Chirstmas cause my parents know that taking my stuff during chrisatmas break is taking it too far. So I will be back then with I'm sure some new flips new OCs and much more. So I guess I'll see you then guys

☆LATER!!!!! ☆


don't forget me

Smiley FOXX