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well people im back i didnt had the feeling of doing any flipnotes but now im gonna make a brand NEW AND IMPROVED seasson of kings of knights. it is now DARK HEROES. its about the the new team is the children of the old team. but J took reo's place as an evil emporer. the new team has bin givin powers from a nukelear missle but they need guidence to thier powers. they ran into a group of monsters that can help them.

AMMOSA is a shadow man. hese like a ghost. teatcher/Shade. gift/shadow gloves. effect/ gives him any wepon he wants at any time

SARA is a vampire. teatcher/rose(another vampire. gift/blood blind. effect/shows who is frendly but leaves her permanently blind.

SAZO is a reaper. teatcher/grim reaper. gift/bone sythe. effect/same effect as the grim reapers' magic sythe.

SPARKY is a dragon. he is a profestional sniper.