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You want me to write about me? Okay! About me. Lol! Well... that tells ya a bit about my personality, doesn't it? Heii goizz, im Delma! I lovee being sarcastic when its necessary. Haha! "Your name is Delma!" YOU DON'T SAAAAAAAAY! lolz LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Another thing I luuurve (more than bein sarcastic) is my friends and family. Imma sucker 4 em! I can't live without em- they mean the world 2 me! My fave band is DANITY KANE!!!! My fave singer is Kristinia DeBarge. They are sooo cool! Im so all into pop and dance and that kinda stuff! LOVE their work.

My fingerz hurt, and my computer's gonna go of any sec now, so i gotta go. Buh-baii! I lovee Hatena! xxxxxxxx