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My name's April :],no I was not born on April xD ,;July 31st <3; anyways I love 1D ^o^ and animals I wish I could comment D: but I've lost that privlige v.v anyways these boys changed my life there not only good singers i mean AMAZAYN ,PHENOMINIALL,EXTRODINHARRY,BRILIAM,FABULOUIS singers [x there inspirations for many girls&lt;3 if you dont like them you have no idea what your missing out on ;/ at least give them a chance they have feelings too. .If you dont like `em ignore , if your tired of fan fics KINDLY ask the writer to not post on that channel ? Just stop false reporting and hating :/ it only makes the situation worser . please ?....."Dont jugde a book by its cover" thanks for taking time to read c: love you random person xD

#OnceADirectionerAlwaysADirectioner Friday July 23,2010 @8:22 p.m<33333

One Band,One Dream,One Direction :)

'Wont Stop Till We Surrender' <3*

Much Love <3

-AprilStoranpaylikson <3 ^-^