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thax that you are in my profile/page,its very friendly XD

Hatena make me happy and my sister Elif and Me share the Nintendo dsi, Elif is 13 years old and i'm 13 years old too. We love drawing,swimming and meeting friends,I don't have facebook but Elif has... if you want to add she on facebook,tell her:"hey elif,do i can add you on facebook? " If she say no,DON'T ADD SHE!!! If she say yes,she give you her facebook name.Ok ... please add me to you'r fav's :D soz for my bad english,but we come fom germany and we live for 5 years in New York,but we don't can say you why, soz :'( so,we have say alot of things of us. Hope yaah understand XD

If you have a question,tell us.


C Yaah soon Byee

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