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I llooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sonic the hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!! h

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I llooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sonic the hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!! h

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(Hater's gonna hate...)

Hello people of Earth!!

I am SonicStorm!!!!!

here's a list of all mai chars. that are MINE (in other words THERE MINE (lol wut?))

P.s. the little * means that they've appeared in one of my flipnotes! and the little ~ means they're going to be in a flipnote soon!!!!!!

Elizabeth (Liz) The Fox *~

Elizabeth (Izzy) The Fox~ (Anti Liz)

Storm The Fox *~

Cyclone The Fox ~ (anti Storm)

Dane The Hedgehog *~

Danny The Hedgehog ` (anti Dane)

Slade The Hedgehog * ~

Kyle The Hedgehog~ (anti Slade)

Alex The Porcupine* ~

Spike the porcupine ~ (anti Alex)

Night The Cat *~ (male... may not seem obvious)

Chad The Chipmunk ~

Samantha (Sam) the Mongoose~

Sammy the Mongoose (anti Sam)

Samson the Squirrel* ~ (anti Elias Acorn)

Mason the Hedgehog* ~

Megan The Fox (lol wut?)

Shane the fox (anti Megan)

Shade The Hedgehog*~

Dark the Hedgehog~ (anti Shade)

Richard (Richie) The Hedgehog* ~

Topaz the Rabbit

Shear the Rabbit* ~

Amber the Fox *( Liz's little sis)

Jo the Fox (anti Amber)

Max the Fox * ~( Liz's older bro)

Lee the Fox (anti Max)

Jimmie The Hedgehog ~

Hip The Hedgehog (totally stole that from sonic underground)* ~

Lea the Armadillo

Charles (Charlie) the Rabbit

Rebekah the Fox

Becky the Fox (anti Rebekah)

Erin the fox

Gabrielle the Fox (anti Erin)

Lilly the Fox

Desiree the Fox

Adena the Fox (anti Desiree)

Jennifer the wolf and Jody The rabbit (twins)


if you steal any of these chars. (meaning dont give credit or use them without my permission)I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WAKE UP AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE!!!!! TRUST ME... I WILL FIND A WAY...


Im working on antis for all of them Ive made most of them (as you can see... unless your completely oblivious) but coming up with names are pretty hard. DX

P.S. if you don't know what antis are... read the comic books like all good sonic fans do... no offence to the people who don't read them... but you should.. there way better than the games.



Liz x Dane

a lot of my friends like the couple of Liz and Dane... well here's how they met!!! and here's... somewhat how they ended up together!

this is how Liz met Dane. he was one of the newest sight FFs and Liz had to teach him he got older, he began to develop feelings for her (aww X3) Liz though, would tell him that he was too young to date her, and that opinion stayed that way until Liz met Thunder the Hedgehog who was two years younger than her (Dane only being one year younger) there for Liz couldn't use that excuse anymore and started thinking of new ones. Liz did end up liking Dane... she started liking him when her and thunder "broke up" he was the only one there for her. He even swore to protect her when Samson came back. They grew older and older and finally Liz decided that she liked Dane enough to give it a try. and then... well... the rest is HISTORY...

Liz x Matthew!

alright... as ive... sometimes made quite clear im dating a new guy named Matthew!! he's prolly the sweetest and yet... idk what to call it... i guess he's just fun to be around... anywho! i made him a character!! (he loved the fact that i made him a rabbit and he still looks all badass (lol)) anywho you'll prolly see him in my flips!!! so yeah Liz and Dane arent really a thing anymore... they're still close!! but not on dating terms or anything... sorry!!!!


ABOUT STORMY (hey that's me!!!)

I am strong because i know my weaknesses

I am Beautiful because i am aware of my Flaws

I am fearless because i learnt to recognize illusion from Reality

I am wise because i learn from my mistakes

I am a lover because i have felt hate


I can laugh because because i have felt sadness

Im going through really tough times right now... ever since christmas... my world has been upside down...

EDIT:* NOT ANYMORE BITCHES!!!! HAHA!!!! yeah!! my life has FINALLY Begun to turn around!!!! my dad got a new job! my mom finally decided that she's bord of watching me and my emotions go up and down so she put me on meds for my bipolar disorder! i finally got the courage to ask the guy ive had a crush on for like.... ever... out and he said YES!!! and were so happy!!!! i don't wake up thinking about Richie anymore... I went to prom with one of my best guy friends named Jimmy!! (hope this one doesn't kill himself too -_-") everything is just turning out GREAT!!! the only... hmm.. bad (i guess) thing is that im seeing a therapist... and i DON'T like him... my mom's gonna switch me soon but i refuse to go back to him... cause see... before my mom got me meds for my bipolar issue... i had A LOT of anger issues... and so when he asked me a question that REALLY pissed me off... i... kinda... punched him in the gut a little and ran out cussing and... stuff at him... he didn't do anything... that's just telling everyone how much i LOVE being on meds because i just feel... good... or... content... or whatever... my friends have DEFIANTLY realized it!!!!!... so yah... that's what's been going on... and all my haters... well... they gonna hate... and im ok with that!!!


I will NOT befriend a:

stealer(some acceptation)


star beggar (some exception sometime we dont mean to do it....)

add-me-friend (ill add you when i feel like it...)

will-you-be-my-friend-and-add-stars-to-all-my-flips friend

can-you-tell-all-your-friends-about-me friend

im-only-friends-with-you-cause your-popular friend (which im kinda in the middle of popular and non popular so i don't get that a lot...)

anywho... i can chat... sometimes... usually on weekends and days that im sick... so yea im not always free... but if yew have a question or any requests/suggestions ill take them consideration!!

well that's about all.. I hope nao that youve wasted 10:00 mins of ur life reading this that ull take another 15 min looking at mah flips...

.:~*/Haters Gonna Hate\*~:.


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June 23 1997

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... i have no idea...


fast food...


central lee

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well im taking spanish... does that count???