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Hey Is Axer-X And welcome to my Creator's Room!

Name: Joshua NoLastNameForYa


Likes:Cartoon Network Fusion Fall,Cartoons,Anime,Pokemon,Awesome Flipnote creators,Wifi Battles in pokemon.

Dislaikes:Childish Cartoons,Sour Milk,Pokemon n00bs and Flipnote n00bs

Hobbies:Drawing and Create stories!

B-Day: DEC-8


DevientArt: SoulofsilverX

MySpace: Unless you are a real life friend i'll tell ya!

Pokemon Trainer Club: User Name(Tepigsoul) Screen name(Emboarsoul)

Close Friends

BlakMarble:Real life Friend

Metalk13: Real life friend

John13:Real life friend

Dark level: Real life friend

Tiki:Flipnote and DA Friend

Kaxos(Lucky)My first Flipnote friend

Ultimatium:Religious Flipnote Friend

Z-Man:one of my first 3 Fans!

Sorry if i miss you!


Pokemon SoulSilver

Pokemon Pearl

Dinosaur King


Mario&Luigi:Bowser inside Story

Mario And Sonic and the olympic winter games(Wii)

Sonic And the Black Knight (Wii)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Ps3)

Wii Sports

Wii Sports Resort

My O.C.'s

Axer:The good looking and Atracctive one (LOL)

Newbert: A flipnote n00b

Imarily Xenald*Imari*:Rumor:She has a crush on Axer(Trolololololololol)

Hex: He can be cruel sometimes but he haves a sentimental side he wields a Azure Blade

Crimson: She's Joyfull but she can be quite confusing she wields Dual Guns


Hatena Disaster S1 (Done)

Hatena Disaster Machina Danger S2(Done)

HD:TimeTwist S3 (New)

Hatena Fall (New) *Credit to $uper Dchan for the idea*

FBS *Flipnote Battle System*(New)

Favorite qoutes:

Golly Good show (Pops)

Ooooooooooooh (Mordecai and Rigby)

Ello Gouvner (British Taxi)


Lotsa Spagetti (Weegee)

Dr.Octaganapuss BLAAAAAAAAAAAH(Dr.Octaganapuss Lazer Colecttion)

Shut Up (Smosh)

Is over 9,000! (Dragon Ball Z)

Somebody Remove the Freaking toilet (Smosh)

You look at me funny let's Battle!!(Smosh)


At least on Rank between 9,000 to 1,000 (Yesh)

At least Have 10 Fans (Yesh)

Citizenship Bronze (Yesh)

Citizenship Silver

Citizenship Gold

Citizenship Platnium

Be in the Top 10 list

Be top 1 in Creator Rank

Be top 1 in Flipnote Rank

At least 50 Downloads in one flip

Create a Chat and at least 100 Comments

Pokemon Team (Soul Silver)







Pokemon Team (Black)

Coming Soon

Pokemon Soul silver FC: 3095 4601 3683

Please comment if you want to battle me!

Well that's it For now Enjoy Watching my flipnotes!


Axer-X Id:Axer-X