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Hey guys,

Azumi163 can call me AZ though ^-^.Anyways i am new to this 'fliping' world and wish to at least make a dent in the flipnote world like my envied idol ~yuna~. but anywho i will intro. you all to my sonic characters in the flips i recently made.I am now gonna be doing some sonic stuff too so if you need a request on any of them just ask.

Azumi is a wolf with an outgoing spirit,who is torn between her best friend Koma and secret spy Zane.she is 18.

Koma is a wild and stubborn guy that is the only one who really knows about the life of azumi.He is 18

C.J. is a rabbit mechanic. she's kinda like winry from fma! she is 17

Zane is a echidna that came from egypt and falls for Azumi as soon as he sees her, but unfortunatly has a challange of his rival Koma.but Zane is actually a creation of eggmans sent to destroy.He is 19