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>.< i am very busy, if i'm on, i'll prolly be on only on weekends. rarely weekdays. im sorry to anyone i have requests for. when i am finished i will tell you.:)

anyways... i am a very lazy person 030 sorry 4 that lol. i love to draw. and i love anime .....>.> yes i am bord. sorry 4 all this retarded nonsence....or however u spell iht, fail..>.> ...idk wat 2 say now. lmao uh, i draw better on paper???



>v< herez some more abt me:

my fav animez r : bleach, naruto shippuden, fma brotherhood, soul eater, kekaishi, kaichou wa maid sama, and death note!xD

(not in that order) I luvz yaoi nd mah fav fanmade pairings are itasasu zacloud & matt x mello yayz 4 final fantasy & kingdom hearts!!...and legend ov zelda.(:

im also a fan ov ichiheme!!xD

I would also love 2 visit Japan and become an epic animator!!:D

but i lack animation skillz...>_>