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Hi! my name is Byron 15 years of age, weird sense of humor, (bad spelling)

I am an aspiring reviewer of video games and have made alot of reviews for or newspaper.

Now im here on this site, thanks to some friends telling me about it, and I plan to do reveiws and such, and the occasional attempt to make a flipnote with a plot, characters humor etc. I say attempt because im not an artist, in the drawing sense, but i still like to try once in awhile =P

Also, if i give a bad review PLEASE do not try and insult me to death it wont work and it is just annoying because reviews are an opnion not a fact so if you like the person you shouldnt care. And im a critic i am MENT to find bad stuff and point it out and how to improve it. =/

ALSO Also- I will comment frequently on flips providing my special helpfull criticism =D

ALSO Also also- Stars are not that important so dont be all like WOW I SHOULD GIVE THIS GUY TONS OF STARS!!!!!! I really dont care about stars.