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You couldn’t see me cuming if you were a pussy with spectacles

You must have not realised that I got the testecles

To testify the truth

I was playing at first dawg, now I’m really coming at you

I was gone this weekend and came back to all this chit chat

I suggest that for your sake

Take a break

Have a kit kat

You have such a big head for a very small brain

Tried to air me out, I ain’t goin no where like a stain

That wasn’t a diss dawg, your shit was lame

Next time upgrade your game

Upgrade your skills

Coz I could be your coach, have ur ass running the field

I admit I ain’t no gangsta

But you were never a hustla

The only crack you ever sold was ur ass

Should have realised I’m in a totally different class

I don’t need a pass

Look you couldn’t stand with me if I was your crutch

You fat fuck

You just ran out of luck

Que-t’s had enough

I didn’t really want to get this rough

You’re just an internet thug

Pissed off coz no one will give you a hug

The girls that I know are all fine

I can see the only girls you know are online

If you do try to attack me next time

At least make sure ur punch lines

Are better than mine

It didn't have to be like this dawg. For the record i don't care what you think of my work. Thank you to everyone who showed me love. The rest of you haters can kiss my ass. I've had my fun now i'm done with this diss poetry. PEACE