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Ok, My name is Beth, I wish I had a cooler nick name, I like the color green,I sometimes like to do M.V.s most of the time I like to do comedys, unlike other creators I don't rob ya blind out of ya stars, The most stars I want is 100 on a flip, least is 5, I mainly ask for 5*s for my work on them :) So far my favorite creator is Ms.Meta Fan* , The rest are like, K66Gunso, Megan, SourSkittz (Sour Zen) and lots others, those are the main ones I'am interested in, My friends on here are, Crystal, Katanarama, Grace, Ella and Megan is more of a pal. I hope to get popular on here but I won't count on it. Now it's dun dun dun... Goal time!

Goul: 90000 gold stars, 10 green stars, 5 red stars , 4 blue stars and, 1 purple star. 600 Fans, countless friends & a silver citizenship!

Yeah, I have high hopes that I hope to full-fill. I hope to really grow over my time on hatena, this is a update on my about me, so far I have REALLY improved and I hope to improve more, Thank you!