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Hello... You are here for my flips, I am here to entertain you, but I can do so no longer! I have sold my DSi due to lack of views, comments, and stars. So enjoy my flips, or else. I'm still here but no DSi so comment, give stars(NOT BEGGING YOUNGSTERS), and VIEW MAH FLIPS!!! (I USED TO post in peace)

Btw I have Free stars (17 Green, 30 red, 2 Blue)

2500 Gold stars per green

7500 Gold stars per red

15000 Gold stars per blue

I will hand out and update the amount stars I have within 1 1/2 week (max) or so.


(Please, Be exact or I will not hand out the stars!)

(Add stars to any flip! Just comment on it saying your deposit and withdraw!)

... Anyways... TO MINECRAFT WITH ME.