Ninja Kitty

Ninja Kittyさんのプロフィール

Mileena and her teddy bear she made for Scorpion ( he hates Teddies)


Ninja Kitty

Mileena and her teddy bear she made for Scorpion ( he hates Teddies)


Hey Wolfheart here, I have made a club called P.A.W.S prevent another wolf slaughter. Any one can join! What we do in P.A.W.S is AMV`s,RP`s,we also go to wolf flip`s and comment ang give stars to the wolf flips, we will NOT repeat NOT do chats they have been banned :( I have a Vice president Wolf♪ her o.c is Tundra and I have a 2nd Vice president ∴Matsuri∴ her o.c is Grimm. Love ya girls you guys aremy best friends here and in real life you guys inspire me to do my best and for that I thank you :)



Hello Mortals Ninja Kitty here,

Yes my name is no longer Wolfheart because I like the name Ninja Kitty way better! And when I get my Dsi back I am also changing my name to Ninja Kitty because I like it way better then P!mpCat~ Plus I think Ninja Kitty is way better because I like Cats and Ninjas so I put them togther and got.........

Ninja Kitty!!!!! YEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway my icon and profile picture is of Mileena and the teddy bear she made for Scorpion

(he hates teddy bears and she didnt know!) If you look very closely at the bottom left corner you will see Scorpion and he is so mad at Mileena for trying to give him a teddy bear when he hates them so FREAKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Mileena, she worked so hard on that teddy and to have Scorpion reject it like that! That must of broke her heart because she really like's him.


Why I say "Hello Mortals" is because of my new O.C Shadow (thats me) I am immortal (which means I am already dead and I cant be killed) That is why I have flaming wings, I am a Demon wolf and the Neather Realms is my home. FYI the Neather Realm is the darkest region of reality and is ONLY inhabited by Demons,Monsters, And beings of the purest evil. I am a vengeful specter of the Neather Realm, I can withstand the torturous realm better than others, and my powers increase in the Neather Realm because of my Deadly Alliance with Scorpion and Quan Chi. My powers are Fire, being able to read minds (comes in handy when knowing my enemies moves) blending in with the shadow's, and taking form of anything and everything when I want (I can even take my enemies form to defeat them with their own powers which is really fun XD)




My lovely house, where else?

Favorite bands

Skrillex,Deadmau5,Knifeparty,3OH!3, Cash Cash,Smashmouth,Disturbed,JFK

Tokimonsta, and Bassnecture

Favorite song

Reptile by Skrillex

(This is the theme song for Reptile from Mortal Kombat for the 2011 game)

2nd Favorite song

Deathstalker theme by JFK

(This is the theme song for Scorpion from Mortal Kombat for the 2011 game)

3rd Favorite song

Mileena's theme by Tokimonsta

(This is the theme for Mileena from Mortal Kombat for the 2011 game)

4th Favorite song

Heldo by Harvard Bass

(This is the theme for Sub-zero from Mortal Kombat for the 2011 game)

5th Favorite song

Doro's theme by Bird Peterson

(This is the theme song for Goro from Mortal Kombat for the 2011 game)