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Hi everyone! My name's Chiara but I prefer to be called Kanoko. I'm from Udine, in Friuli, In Italy. :D I've got some Bff here: Laura, Reshy, Lady ring, Abii, Claire, Edwina, Tiaa... and some others :3 I really like Evanescence, Lady GaGa, Linkin Park, Nightcore, Meg and Dia, Nightmare, Katy Perry and so on. I <3 making MVs and PVs, Sonic charas, Manga & Anime, Emos (LOL)... I'm on DA, my nickname's myriathewindwolf1999. I have a 3ds code. Mine is 0903-3552-0374 :3 My B-day is on 15 February. My favourite Manga/anime are Death note, Bleach, Speed Grapher, Le Chevalier d'Eon, RomeoXJuliet, Black Bird and Mardock Scrumble :3 Fav 3ds Game: Sonic Generations. Favourite Sonic Charas: Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Wave, Silver, Shadow, Amy, Tails and Jet. :3 Fav Death Note Chara: L Lawliet. Fav Bleach Charas: Rukia and Ulquiorra. My personal Chara now is Kanoko Lawliet, also called K. Her name in Japanese: Keiji Roraito or Kanoko Roraito. Species (sonic vers) Cat. Colour: Black. Eyes: Black. Style: Dark. She has 3 Auras. 1 is unpassible, the 2 is Evil and the 3 is weak and sad. The first has white hair, the second has red hair and the last has blue hair. Powers: she has the power of dragon, when she sing. She know all poses of Karate. She's fast to escape. She is: the princess of Reshira, her world and she runs to the Earth by Sky Babylon's way. She as two Special boots, they're white and have light blue lines. She has black gloves. The Boots and the gloves can make together flying power, so Kanoko can fly to the other worlds. Bye for now!