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Name: David

Age: 13

Birthday: 13/02 (Feel free to send me a birthday flip! :D)

Gender: Female. I-I mean Male. "^FT^

3DS FC: 4167-4483-0650 (Comment with your FC if you add me!)

Joined Hatena: 31 March, 2010

Steam Profile:

Skype: blaziken990 (If you add me, say you're from flipnote)


Another Youtube Account that im part of that is made by L45:

Hey, 'Sup. Welcome to my profile.

I'm a 13 year old boy from England.

I am pretty lonely IRL, but I have made several friends on flipnote hatena.

These are:

L45, ToastRAM, Eevee Flare, N1K0, Joni, xXF34RXx, mr,star and loads more!

My favourite Video games are:

Minecraft, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Team Fortress 2, and obviously Flipnote Studio. ^^

Most popular flips: (In order of populatity)

The (Sprite) Cliff 1 (30800 Stars)

Flipnote Adventure (18900 Stars)

The (Sprite) Cliff 2 (18000 Stars)

I am also the creator of The AdventureCraft Series and Davids Quizzes!

Achievements: (X Means I've got them)

Creator Rank 1: X

200,000 Stars: X

300 Flipnotes: X

500 Fans: (3 off!)

50 Quiz Spinoffs: X

2 Flips in Most popular at once: X

7 Flips in Most popular: X

Grow a Moustache:

300 Flips in my channel: X

Get False Reported: X (-.-)

Get Silver Citizen: (Used to)

Thanks for reading!

Before I go, I want to say I love all my fans to a million pieces - Stars are taps on a screen; fans are actual people.