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Hi everyone, I'm kevin

and I'm really enjoying hatena.

I joined hatena may 2010 and somehow, I gained lots of fans and appreciation.

I became a sprite maker because at the time (early summer 2010) I noticed a lack of new sprites and I wanted to do something about it.

I know my recent sprites are better than my first sprites, thats because as I've been spriting, I've gained experience (and popularity with the other spriters)

I am working on a series called Mario's adventure ex (formerly called Mario's ultimate quest).

I have my whole series planned out in the way of the storyline, but not every single detail or number of chapters.

the new episodes won't be released as frequently for 3 reasons:

1.Im also making new sprites

2.I'm getting a lot of homework, the senior year of high school brings in a lot of homework

3. I am cut off from Wifi at home on my DSi.

just so you all know, I work in speed 6 to try to fit in more action. I don't think I'll ever try speed 7.

and as for sprite requests, I might take them if I know what the request is and if I have any extra time, but don't count on me to take it. I'm already making other sprites.

current sprite projects:

Kirby superstar ultra King Dedede

Kirby superstar ultra fighter kirby

Kirby superstar ultra Halberd sillouettes

spp Iggy koopa

extra Kirby superstar ultra kirby poses

various underwater kirby enemies

Kirby superstar ultra swimming Kirby

Kirby superstar ultra bomb kirby

Kirby superstar ultra style tornado kirby

a secret project

I will update this as I complete and gain new sprite projects.

I work hard on my sprites and series, so stars will be greatly appreciated.

don't ask me if I want my sprites on sprite packs, just put them in.

I WANT my sprites in sprite packs

thats all about me. thank you for your time