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Hello! It's me, Bramblefur! My favorite animal is a cat and wolf :P (But, I can only draw cats XP) Where else can you find me...well...I quit everything expect Hatena XD I get bored with things...XP

New Flips I'm working on---

Sell your soul AMV-0%

378+ fan AMV-20% (Song is a secret hehe)

AMV(don't know that name of the song DX)-0%

I need some songs to do AMV's....DX

My Characters:

  • Bramblefur (Main Character)
  • Graystorm
  • Darkshadow
  • Breezepaw
  • Clawfur
  • Hawkclaw
  • Redpaw
  • Lightingstar(Leader of Redclan)
  • Cherrypelt (Full Med. cat of BlazeClan)
  • Blueflame
  • Lostpath
  • Duskfoot

Hatena family--

(Want to be in my Hatena family? ASK! But i have to know you oUo)

My friend on Hatena---

(Sorry, if I didn't put your name on here if your my friend! Just tell me if I miss you! I'll add more later!)

Thank you all my friends and fans for the stars!

Also, everyone who made me a request, Thank you so much!

That's all :P This will be changed every little while so, check back Bye~ ~Brambles

Motivated=YESS >:D

I have a clannnn....redclan XD Wanna join? (appecting members now)

Last updated July 16th, 2012! :D


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 l、゙ ~ヽ

 じしf_, )

Sorry for being inactive....been busy DX