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I love to draw and sing and RP! :D

(Thanking all of my friends and fans!! Love my friends most! Taiyo, Kate, Jas, Scott, Techno, Lynk, and Neko xP)

Konnichiwa! Its Bree-chan x3 lol I live in California! I graduated and now I am in College. I am learning Japanese now!! I am 19 years old, even tho I don't sound like it since a few of you have heard my voice already. Anywho, I love to draw, sing, write poems, write lyrical poems, write novels, and hopefully soon one day I will be either a singer or a graphic novelist. Whenever people hear my voice they will says "Awwwws! Its so cute!" well I do have a lower voice but I don't use it I hate it Dx ahhhhhh! lol anyways I absolutely love anime, grew up with it! I wanna visit Japan one day to see how it is there. Its a beautiful place during the 4 seasons. I am a very nice person and I care a lot for others. I give people advices if they are down or sad or having problems. I love apples lol c: random but I do respect people. I am the friendly timid type. I blush a lot so give me a break Dx lol c: Arigto and have a good day XP