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Hi,my name is Alex,or as hatena may know me,Alexandra.I was born in April,so I love spring weather.I absolutely love animals,some people are cruel to them,and I DON'T like them.Who really does?My dog,Charlie,died back in November of 2011,I was destroyed,he was like my baby,and I do miss him.I am currently in middle school in Kentucky.I love to run,in fact I run crosscountry.I guess you could say I'm good.I got 2nd in my state meet my first year,which was last year.But I'm not really the bragging type,so I'm just gonna move on.Right now,I do have another dog named Tiger,he is a sweet sheltie.My mom "kidnapped" him from her bestfriend in DC because she saw he was being caged up all day and they had no time for's difficult for me to say this,but I'm gonna say it anyway,my mom,she found out she had breast cancer 2 months ago,she has gotten surgery already,but it's still hard for us.But back to happier things.I don't take ANY crap from people,and I will fight.Even against guys,and I always win,even if I am a girl.My father has always taught me to be strong and be who I am.I try to be.Well,I hope you get a glimpse of who I am.So thanks for wanting to know me bye.