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This is CC Rider(woah rly? :O) and as you could tell there are two flip accounts attached. The reason why is that sadly, my DSi is starting to mess up on me alot, so I made an account with my XL so no one would think I was making spin-offs only. xD

But spin-offs are fun to make, though it is a terrible habit of mine I need to break.^^;;

Anyways, yes I do indeed draw my neopets alot. No, sadly I will not tell my account's name on neopets here. If you want, try to do a little reaserch hints on my flipnotes if you are desperate to get ahold of me there. xD

But I have been making alot of friends here and they are so much fun to talk to! :D

As for flipnotes I am making. None as of right now are series or anime things. Sorry, I don't really draw what the public likes too much. oAo

So if you want to drop a comment and chat with me, that would be great! I'd love to talk!

(I have too many friends to shout out to, so I'll just leave it to the, "You know who you are" o.o;; )