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... WTC my entire intro got deleted. Oh well! time 2 make a new one!

whats up whoever's reading this! Im Chris11399! most people call me chris on here, cuz my username's too long. I LOVE Nintendo games, EX: Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Starfox (Only 64, though)

I am an AMAZING magna artist in my grade, my favorite video game monsters (enimes) are Creepers, and I really want an X-Box 720 (yeah, their makin em!). my favorite subjects in school are Sience and reading. my least favorite? math. my favorite Pkmn is Reshiram (hence the light stone necklace). least favorite? Magikarp, Go do splash in a pit!

"were going to have fun, with sience!" GLaDOS, portal 2 TV promo

I've been playing alot of Kid Icarus lately and Mario Kart 7, so if you wanna race me, that's fine! Tell me your 3DS Fc in my newest flip, here's mine: name: Chris113D9 FC: 3050-7626-1607, I'll be waiting!

My O.C's

Chris: my personal character, my first one ever, I used to have a pentagon head, but i wanted to go a little more anime, so now its a normal head. Power: fire bending, and a little DBZ moves ex:Kahmehameas

Kcii: he's based off of Zero from "Megaman Zero" and has a Scouter. he may act like GLaDOS somtimes, but he's VERY seirous about things. he has Halo inspired swords. and he has some very cool abilties that you'll see soon

Charlie (renamed Blaze): he's a charmelon with Goggles (for weilding) and a scarf on his right shoulder (how ironic). he's VERY humorous and dosen't get along well with Kcii. he oddly won't evolve, he's lvl 49! I hope he'll evolve soon. D:

Dark Chris (hasent appeared yet): you get the picture, a doppelganger of me, but with the Dark Pit side of it, an anti hero

Chrias Durpez: my Fantroll, he is the fantroll of the zodiac Scorpio, his wepon is a scissicor blade bow (Kid Icarus bows FTW)

about my series:

the story is about The world of Hatena almost taken over by a namless villan, Girahim, and Bowser. in order to take over the universe, they need all 3 tao necklaces and revive the dreaded king of evil snd the god of Death. the only way to defeat them is if a hero takes the Blaze sword (a minor master sword), one of the tao necklaces, and awakening the 7 maidens of Nintendo. who answers the call? me, of course. but 1 hero is not enough! with the help of my friends and some familar faces on hatena and in the world of nintendo. we can take the Darkness down!





Tom 2011



Nytro X


Brawler610 (left D:)

Auroreon (isnt on alot)

EagleNbula (haven't seen him in awhile)




and more!

people who I enjoy seeing:





I have a Minecraft account too, here's my server

NOTE: be warned, though. their are some RUDE people on there, and we have greifers there, too D: THATS WHY I HAVE A NEHTER BRICK HOUSE!!!! >:D

My name: Chris11399

skin: Chrias Durpez, my Homestruck troll dB

other ppl who are on the server:

RukaDuskeons (connorthelion, it's her bro's acc)

VampireEevee (I think, I havent seen her in awhile)

and Pickleplayer :3

... well... I have nothing to say so... Bye!

Watch out for Reapers, Ornes, Eggplant Wizards, and Tempura Wizards! :3

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