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Self introduction - Do you want to wow customers with the help of digital transformation? You could also ask for help if you need or can just have fun playing together. Again, dont go crazy, the best resist gear tends to be found on raids in any case, but anything you can collect will help. You first encounter this when raiding Scholomance, etc. Often times, people looking for Scholo raids will demand a very precise make-up of the raid. If you can 5-man the endgame instances like Scholomance, Stratholme, and Dire Maul, youre more than competent enough to handle Molten Core. The attitude of some raiding guilds is also very arrogant, as if Molten Core is incredibly hard, and you have to be an awesome player to even think of going inside. You will have a longer time to pay attention to your core project/service. One life strategy that I recommend and reinforce, time and time again with my clients and the readers of my world-wide newsletter, is to have a written list of well-thought-out goals for everything and anything that they want to accomplish in life. They are often unwilling to consider doing something in a different manner than the established strategy. But the main point, is doing the task to upgrade, copy and RAID in the team players accumulate out between feelings. The team is comprised o...