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About Veronica the hedgehog:

Name: Veronica

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 14

Name one of sisters: Chica



Fav food: spagetti

Fav drink: chaos coke

About Chloe (real name galaxy)

Name: Galaxy


Sister:Custard and Nicole

Info: She is the most powerful thing in the universe, she is a popstar called Galaxy which is her real name and she forgot her real name when she was in an accident and so cleopatra robot named her Chloe and she remembers now and set out to find her parents until jack took control of her and she has to save the universe from him but can't with jack controling her.

Her friend Mimi: Galaxy and mimi are very close and mimi is like a daughter to her sort of.

Power:all powers in the universe and she is a world famous pop star.