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HIA!!! :D Ok ok EEP i am so ready to do this info thingy owo here goes:

I am a gurl who loves Sonic and Pokemon! I have over 20 or so Fan characters and here are their info!

Ashlyn/16/Girl/Loves Barry

Vaughn/18/Boy/Loves Jasmine

Heather/23/Girl/Loves Mark

Blizzard/16/Girl/Arctic wolf/Loves Shadic/Kids: Sapphire, Willow, Peach, and Annabelle.

Magma/16/Boy/Red wolf/Loves Gadget

Haze/18/Boy/Gray wolf/Loves Night/Married/Kids: Shade

Sapphire/4/Girl/Hedgewolf/She's 4 again, but still likes Streamo/Created by using Spark's data, and was transferred into Blizzard./Kids: Suri (Logical explaination. Ask me for more info)

Jayden/14/Boy/Hedgewolf/Likes Garden/Created by using Spark's data, and was transferred into Blizzard.

Annabelle/7/Girl/Hedgehog/She's SEVEN!/Adopted by Aqua, then by Blizzard.

Peach/6/Girl/Skunk/SHE'S SIX/Adopted by Blizzard.

Aqua/13/Fox/Loves Leon/Kids: Streamo, Mike, Starr/Not mine, but BBFlurry said we can share him. :3 Thx lil bro!

Lightning/17/Boy/Hedgehog/Loves Erin/Kids: Sparkie and Garrett/The brother of Sonic

Matrix/age unknown/boy/Hedgewolftiger/Loves May/ Is the combined DNA of Blizzard, Leon, and Cyto

Viktor/17/Boy/Dragon/Loves Rubie

Core/17/Boy/Dusk wolf/Brother of Cora/Single

Genesis/16/Boy/Hedgehog/Loves Cyto/Married/Kids: Icea

Crimson/15/Girl/Hedgehog/Likes Brenden

Bubbles/age unknown/HedgeWolfWeasel/Single/The combined DNA of Aqua, Blizzard, and Cyto

Cora/16/Girl/Light wolf/Sister of Core/Single

Brittany/15/Girl/Black wolf/Loves Numb/Kids: Isaiah

Ashlyn Wolf/16/Girl/Red wolf/Loves Kio/Kids: Flopsy

Flospy/3/Girl/bunny/SHE'S 3/Adopted child of Ashlyn wolf

Skyla/21/Girl/Hedgehog/Single/Kids: Skye

Skye/12/Boy/Hedgehog/Loves Levithian/The child of Silver and Skyla

Arya/13/Girl/Hedgecat/Likes Storm/The child of Sonic and Blaze

Suri/2/Girl/Hedgewolf-fox/SHE'S TWO!!! O_O/The child of Streamo and Sapphire

Willow/4/Girl/Hedgefox/SHE'S FOUR!!! O_o/The adopted daughter of Blizzard

Hail/15/Girl/Demon wolf/Single/The anti-Blizzard.

Mint/14/Girl/Squirrel/Single/The Sonic-fied version of Mint in Animal Crossing.

Krystina/23/Girl/Arctic wolf/Single/The older sister of Blizzard/Water Sage.

BloodRain/age unknown/boy/d3monhog/not available at this time/the ultimate creation by Black Doom

IceFlame/age unknown/girl/d3monwolf/not available at this time/a creation by Black Doom (and came up with by Shadic-TH XDDD)

My BESTEST friends are: Cyto, ShadEthy, Shadic-TH, Iblex, BBFlurry, GalaxyStar, TigerLOL, Sharey, VanilaBean, RoseOak, Kyrhie, ReinaWolf, Aurora&co., AL!, LunaTH, $noopy, Squirtling, and Hikaru17! (If i forgot you lemme know XD) Also, if you ask "can we be friends?" don't count on a reply... I have TOO many "friends" that asked that and rly some of them aren't good friends at all. If you wanna be my friend, you have to earn it. From now on, I'm only faving my true friends. Sorry, but that's how it goes. :\

So! I've been noticing alot how ppl's o.c.'s have Blizzard's ears anymore. WTFH. I have NEVER seen them till I started getting popular. =_____=