I'm meant to be doing my homework! But I was bored, so i decided to update this! XD

Okay! Let's gooo! ^FT^

Hiya! How are ya? I'm Lucky$tar~! My real name is Nyerho! ^w^

I am 12! woot woot! o3o

My B-day is on the 12th of September. ^^

I a a younger sis, and an older bro.

I'm from Nigeria, but I'm living in London.

My friends say that sometimes I sound like I'm from Manchester. ^^'

Okward... lol XD

I have a fairly good singing voice, although, my friends say I have a VERY good voice. o3o

I've forgotten how to dance. 'o3o

This boring, lets move on now!

I absolutly LOVE:

Nikki Manaj (I splet her name wrong, didn't I)

You know, I sometimes wonderif Nikki is Briitsh, she has quite a Brittish accent you know. ^^

Wow, I said You know twice '.3.

Anywyaz, I absolutly LOVE:


Beonce ( i splet that wrong too, innit? '=w=)

Lady Gaga


Schmocoho (splet that wrong...)


Theres more, I just can't be bothered to recall, plus, I have to do this fast, I have homework 2 do, remember? XD

My Best friends ever! X3

(Just 2 let you all know, this is not in order, i wuv all my frineds. ^^)


This guy is da best friend ANDE boyfriend in the whole wide world! >w< I wuv him sooo much! You should really get to know him! He's talented, he's kind, and he makes EPIC flips! X3 Add him! X3


My best buddy! X3 She's fun and kind and she's like an older sister to meh! X3 She was my first friend on hatena, and I absolutly ADORED her back then! X3 I still do! Her manga is EPIC! Add her! She's rlly funneh! X3


This person makes the best flipnotes known to mankind. She adds perfect detail in EVERY flipnote! From an Oc update, to a PV, this girl nhas talent in EVERYTHING! XD And she's a really good buddy too! X3 She helped me through alot of things. ^w^

Add her! You won't regret it! XD


Don't pretend you don't know Zaraham! X3 She makes the best flips! She may have forgotten me now, cus I don't come on chats as much, but I still like her, and I still think she's EPIC! XD Add her, and you'll never miss the next time she makes an awshum flipnote! ^FT^


I really enjoy being with this person! ^FT^ She is my best buddeh! XD She makes epic and exciting flipnotes! She brings all the good things back into hatena! When was the last time you saw any spongebob audios on hatena? When was the last time you heard some groovy music, while a red dragon evee was dancing 'n' all? Not since Christmas 2010! Add her! She's a really nice, funny person! ^^


Yaaaay! My best bud! X3 She makes cool flips!She brings the flurry back into flurries! X3 When was the last time u've seen a blue flurrie? Classic! X3 Why don't you add her? She's in my fave's list, go add her! XD


Yaay! I really love Blob's charas! She makes awsome charas! X3 Not to mention awsome flinotes! XD you should rlly add her!


Ryoko is a realy nice friend! ^^ She's really helpful! X3 she makes totaly epic flipnotes, and she's awshum at drawing! owo

Add her! You won't regret it! XD


Midnight makes epic flipnotes, they just get better and better! She's really good at drawing and at colouring! ^^ Add her! XD


I love picto gril's work! So epic! X3 Her illustartions are vivid and colourful! X3 add her! ^FT^


She Is EPIC! She is my best friend EVOR! X3 She's vert good at drawing, and colouring, and EVERYTHING! XD She's really nice! ^w^ Add her! owo.

Sorry if I forgot you! *big hug* Here! take a cookie! ^w^

Sorry, it's just that I'm quite tired of typing, and I've really got 2 get my homework done soon! '^FT^

I'm in 2 familes! XD

The Pika-Chan family,

and the um... oh uh! I can't remember the name! DX Oh well! XD lol!

I can't really think of much more to say... hmmm... o3o

Well, that's all for now! ^^ G'byeee! X3