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I'm Alive!!!! ;ワ;

Here is my new account;

9286ABC0F7CA4D18@DSi/ nWn


If you wanna leave watch (all of) this:


Hatena is Not Not dead. (I said it twice so I mean it! >:3)

However Hatena will die if people keep leaving ^-^

~About me~

Name: Cassandra , カサンドラ

Age: 12 (born on December the 2nd , 1999)

Pets: I have one dog called Daisy , she is a black Labrador

I have two gerbils called Misty(white) and Chrissie(brown) , two Russian dwarf hamsters (Honey and Caramel) and a rabbit called Trixie.

All of my pets are girls ^-^

Best Rank: 47

Favourite Creator: Me! x3 Jk , jk! Chip also known as my Epic sis-star is my favourite -not putting second and third-

I live in England and I am very similar to England of Hetalia ^¬^

I speak English , Engrish and Japanese so please don't go speaking to me in Spanish ect.

I like anime , -I Love- tea =w=" , manga , drawing and thinking. (it's a bad habit eᵕe")

I dislike people who copy styles and those who complain about reporters ect. because nobody really wants to listen to it e.e" (especially not me)

I really don't mind (flipnote) copiers and reporters; reporters because I have friends who are reporters and I understand why they report and -dare I say- I agree with -some- of them "e.e

I take copies as compliments now because people only copy when they like that flipnote (see this copier's comment , it's so sweet ^-^ :

0E6F4F7@DSi/movie/E6F4F7_0B48BB25B7667_001 )

Okay , so I change my mind about anime ... I love it! ^¬^

Hetalia is the best racist anime series Ever! I'm proud to have a country who daydreams , is lonely and has incredibly thick eyebrows!

Here's -most of- the anime that I've seen so far :

Fruits basket (my fave x3 Yun-Yun ... I wuv him!)

  • read furuba manga plz-

Hetalia Axis Powers (Japan and Italy FTW! -W-)

Hetalia World Series (I'd say I'm like England and China)


Naruto Shippuden (Sasuke still needs a slap across the face xD)

Black ☆ Rock Shooter (mostly put without the star)

Karin -Second fave-

Elfen Lied

Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler

Kuroshitsuji second series

Death Note -must watch the movies on site) , they are waaayy better-

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight Guilty


Clannad after story (such a sweet story , I love Clannad ;w;)

Macross Frontier - Vocaloids! :D -

FMA movies

FMA all series

Lucky Star

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Inuyasha (naughty Miroku xD)

Inuyasha: The Final Act (Sesshomaru Onii-chan!! ewe)

The World God Only Knows (I've seen only one episode of this so far)

Ouran High School Host Club

Soul Eater

Blood +

I can't think of any more , I've watches sho many ^w^"

I'm currently watching K-ON and B☆RS tv


Main goals:

Be popular; Nope

Get over 250000 stars; On old acc , yes

Over 1000 comments; I don't think so

40000 views; Yuss :3


1: eehhyup xD

10: ✔

100: ✔

200: ✔

300: ✔

400: ene ✘

500: ✘

600: ✘

700: ✘

800: ✘

900: ✘

1000: nope .-c.

stitch voice*

Frinds :B ;

In the order that I remember them ∩ワ∩


Miles(Yush , it will be epic!! x3)





Maisy(we haven't spoke in ages)






My mind's gone blank... xD

.D. there's so many , soz if I've forgotten you