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Well HELLOOOOOO there! B3

I IZ Chaos!

Chaos as in chaos emerald, not the cute chaos! ( but they're adorable! >w<)


Fan goals:


500: not yet :[=

1,000: not yet :[=

10,000: PSSSST I WISH!

Star goals:

10,000: OMG YUSH

100,000: OMG YUSH

1,000,000: not yet :[=

I'm happy with how far I got here! And I will never stop! Neva! >:3

My awesome friends! >w< :

Bozgamr (bozzy)

ShinxKie (Kie)

Rockie* (rockie)

Yoshi_106 (yoshi, karo, CookieKaro)

Gamefreak (Gamer)

RaNdOmEeVeE (RE)

BlueMew (Mew)

K66Gunso (K66)

Leafsky (hunter)

Dark_Fox (fox)

Philip (Philip)


Glitch (glitch)

K!〒〒y (emily)

iiSmashbro (smashie)

BadAngel (bad)

C1 (C1)

StrangeDay (strange)

Turbo (turbo)

DarkRose40 (DR40)

Nico Blue (Nico)

NearShot (near)

PokeStar (poke)

Matthew (Matt)

Anthony (Ant)

Darkshine (DS)

Techno (Jamith)

Spottedpelt (sam)

Gigi (gigi)

Pengy (pengy)

Yoshidrawr (Alex)

★こんî$☆ (chris)

Nintendraw (ND)

Nine (fuzzeh buddeh)

bloopers (blooper)

All I can remember, if I forgot you, I WILL PUT YEW IN LATER O3O

I like long walks on the beach an- shut up.


dB hihi ppl this is yoshi_106! im richie's bffnmwcthii! ewe yay im writing in ur profile thing. eFTe oks everyone who reads this must give me cookies!! >:(= give it to me NOW!! dB< .......yeah im bored =FT= ......*cough*im awesome*cough*...=w= and u too richie. chu awesome too :3 bye byez ppl! eFTe^ ~y106