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Ummmm.....I'm Anita/Alice, i like playing otome games and is willing to do certian routes for people to know. I'm a FAIL artist and is very stoopid XD

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Joker no kuni no alice

joker's ending * this is like my 4th try to get that ending > < *


I just recieved my Heart no kuni no Alice ova trailer! It's so



I started on a new fanmade series, I hate to admitte it but I have a problem with finishing series. I might finish this one I'm working on since it only has 5 or 6 random chapters(maybe more...)


Clover no kuni no alice is so much fun ^ ^ the Twins are so smexy!


I found 2 pigeon eggs in a nest on our balcony, i often scare the mother alot but i hope the pigeon will hatch out to be pretty strong.


YAY!!! I've reached to 100 fans! Thank you everyone :D


Alicia in Cloverland (My fanmade version of alice in the country of hearts*

Gallows Bell PV *done*

Lynne Fanart

Lovers Rangee PV (based on me and my genderbend)