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Sex: Female

demon(hidden in human body)

Boyfriend: RTG321

member of the Gods clan

Human Description: slender body with auburn/reddish hair and blood red eyes; she is pretty small ^ ^ small but intimidating!

Personality: fiesty yet loving she has a very hot temper and it would be best to not mess with her. ;) Shes a little insane and a little bipolor too. :P Easily gets lost in thought and likes to day dream. She also has a personality disorter! xD If you do magically happen to befriend her she will be loyal to you to the end, that even means sacrificing her life or revealing her true demon form. In rage her eyes look like her demons and she gets tiger stripes along her body like her demon.

History: long ago when she was still a demon in hell.. she stands as tall as a 4 story building but she was smaller comparaed to other demons. She ran away from hell because she hates being bossed around. When she first came to the human world she killed human after human for their flesh and blood. A preacher shot her and was going to take her to the Church to get her excorxist. She escaped though. Running from the Church she ran into RTG321 on his way from school.

DEMON DESCRIPTION: a 400 foot tall hellhound demon, blood red fur that turns white at her paws and belly and a white tipped tail. She has tiger stripes stripping down her body anlong with horns coming out of her head and spine. She has long fangs that she uses to rip into the flesh of her victims. Her eyes hold insanity and chaos. She is the Demon of Scarlet Fire.



Sex: male

Kia's and RTG321's son

Human Description: He has brunette hair and crimson eyes, he's very strong

Personality: quiet and a little timid, he loves his mother and father. He thinks his father hates him so he's always trying to impress his father.

Demon Description: A white hellhound with red tiger stripes. He has dragon wings. Though he is a half demon/half dragon, inside he is very pure.

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Cherry Blazes






October 31 (Halloween)

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swimming, singing, sex

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drawing anime and animes




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