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I'm kind of inactive on Hatena now, except for the times where I just log in to check for mail-

But if you still love me that much, here's some ways you can still contact me :DD


That's Jez with 8 "Z's"! Smart, huh xD

  • MAH POKEMON B/W FC: 4212-8775-3468

(Comment if yew wanna battle or something)

  • SKYPE: Themagical.pantsu

I am back!~

>My old account is the one with the girl and the fan.

>My new one has only a few flipnotes and a Death the Kid icon <3

If your on my old account, see my quitting flipnote for more more details :D


Hi! I'm Jez, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE ANIME. Teehee <3 Here's some stuff about me your probably wondering about. (But already know--)

Name: Jez

Age: 13

Gender: Girl


Ummmm.... Yeah that's all I got

Like I said, I really love anime, and I love to draw it but I also like trying some other styles, so you might see me post flips with wolves, stick figures or even the occasional furry. (Yes, I said it.) Cuz I am such an open minded person who gets bored with the same style after an estimated period of time.

WIP's (What I plan/Works in progress):


(Drawings, animations and that series I've been working on)

  • I'm doing this Vocaloid PV, but I dunno if Imma finish it >.>
  • A Chat room, although my chats usually die after an hour or 2, either that or no one comes xD;
  • A meme/quizzy thing
  • Maaybeee changing my style a bit
  • Funny stuff.

(Yeaah, don't have any right now)

  • ...Requests? I dunno, I usually just end up not doing them

JUST KIDDING FRIENDS. (You know who you are)

Now I shall name my friends since everyone else is doing this. SO LET'S GO.

Well, I never said I had many friends.

I'd be more than grateful if you, the person who's reading this will be mah friend. :D

Well, bye.

  • Jez

P.S. I love you for actually reading this far. It means a lot to me :D