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ELLO PEOPLE OF DA HATENA! XD This is very weird that you're reading this because people don't really read any desc. cr@p~ ANYWAYZZZ, this wonderful desc. will give you a better info about me and all of my OCs and other stuff. BUT! Before you go on, here's a waffle child.


Every other week, I'm with my dad, and he has no wifi -insert your gasp here-. So I wont be able to comment, see, or post anything, so don't panic and think that I'm dead or wont reply with your RP and other stuff like dat. Okaieee? Okay ;w;

Heyoo! I'm the one and ONLY... ~Drumrollllllllllllll~ Chocolate! Because there is only one of me in the whole entire world~ You can call me Choco, Choc, the Cannible, ummmm... Or by my real name. IDC. Don't eat me because I'm not tasty >:1

I'm that one really weird girl that loves to draw and animate (don't we all). My birthday is on July 7th, and I be 14, so mark yo calendars foos.I play Alto Saxophone mostly, and I live in the state of California. I'm a big anime, manga, and Warriors fr3ak >w< I has very weird mood swings so don't panic when you see me post a crazy flipnote all of a sudden. If ya know what I mean~ Fooey, idk wat else to type in so I'll end my bio here.

I has lots of OCs. I don't really use half of them a lot, but here are the ones that you'll normally see~

Chocolate/Togetic (1st Main)

Victron (2nd Main)

Gaze Flare (3rd Main)








Cece (a gift from AnimePhyco~)


Marci the Dragonfly

Carter the Red Panda

Arc the Cat

I TRY to keep my OCs original as possible, so if you think that it's NOT a coincidence that one of my OCs looks like yours, inform me at once. Thanks~

I'm starting a Manga series called "Dream Catcher". More details will be posted later

My other Accounts on other Websites~

Deviant Art~

FaceBook~ ChocolateFlipnote Hatena (let me know if you're a fan or a friend please!)

Club Penguin~ Teamfor123 (haha, you'll rarely see me on there)


UMMMMMMMM. Merp, idk wat else to put, so I'll just list all of my CLOSE friends and end it here~

(* Random Regectzzz Group >w<)



~PokeSpeLvr (PSL)*


~A.J. (who has been gone for almost a year now because he has no wifi...)

~Pepsi (Ginger)

~SourSkittz (SourSis/Sour<3'sZen)


~MagnaGlow (Leo)


~Vilify (T-Fox)

~Drazule (Drazy)



Okaieee! That's all I have to say baiii! Enjoy meh flippynotezzzz~

You will be invaded by Llamas that came from pluto <3

FruitNinjaSpaceLlamaWaffle (don't ask <3)

Gained 100 Fans~ Febuary 13, 2012 Thank you!

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