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Hello :)

My name is Cliona [Clee-ana]

I am 13 years young and I live in Ireland.

My hobbies include :

  • Dancing
  • Badminton
  • Piano
  • Acting
  • Swimming
  • Listening to music

So uh I kinda like Mcfly... Not really.

WHAT?! thats the BIGGEST lie I've ever heard.

I love McFly. I am already excited about their next album which isn't out for another year!

I went to their concert I know every single word to all their songs.

I have a McFly Calendar, Necklace, Bracelet T-shirt!

Hmm... But yeah... Theyre not that good. JOKING! theyre amazing!

So like maybe add me to your favourites that'd be real nice :D

Thank you for 1000+ fans! Woo I never imagined I'd be this popular on hatena :)

So uh I like photography.

Psssh like you care!

Pizza? Yes please!! Oh wait you didnt say that...? Okay..

I love to paint my nails. New colour like everyday.

But my STUUPID school banned nail varnish.

Do me a favour and punch whoever made up that rule? K thanks :)

No I'm joking. I wear nail varnish anyway cause I'm a rebel :) haha!

So I like to mess and joke around. Dont take me too seriously.

If I make you smile you make my day. If I make you laugh, even better :D

Go add Bav right now.

She is amazing and so super nice :)

She does amazing flips and she deserves lots of fans so add her!!!

Yeah so I'm gonna go now.

Add.Stars.Comments! All that good stuff!

And dont forget to add Bav. Your missing out if you dont add her! So like add her please? K thanks!

Bye my lovlies :)