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Self introduction - While in development, this version was known as RuneScape 2. A beta version of the new engine was made available to paying members on 1 December 2003. At that time, the game had 660,000 free players and 58,000 members. Killing cows for their hides is real simple and free. This is really an easy, simple way to make Runescape million. Its real simple! Its so simple that most people does not regard them highly, thats why they are not Runescape millionaire today. We are here to meet the needs of OSRS players across the globe and there is virtually no country that we dont cover with our extensive range of payment methods. Unlike the rumors tell you, there are quite a few more places that you can mine it. Goblins: Go to the Goblin Village north of Falador and speak with one of the generals, ask if you should pick for them.Dyes: You can get these from Aggie in Draynor Village. Think about it, all you need is to pick 15,000 pieces of it, you will easily get one million gp in Runescape. Of course, to pick 15,000 pieces of it, it will take some time, thats why I say for a start, you need hard work and patience. You might have heard this before, but until you become a millionaire, please dont tell me it does not work! You might take about 1 - 2 hours to get that amount, and you should g...