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Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!

I love sports I would play any game if I see it, I always put my mind to something if I wanna do it I like cheering up people because it's nice to see a smiling face right??! I've been on my dsi for bout 5 years or so but I only started Hatena 2 years ago I would say, I love singing the most like I said before I put my mind to things so what I've done to make my voice better (hopefully) I have did the audition for britain got talent!! It's a bummer because they give u the results in march :( anyway if I don't get through I will keep practicing and I'll probably get singing classes to improve my voice!

I like everything actually when I'm older I would like to be a policewomen or a singer (i love drama nd stuff) or like a person at a school that's talk to children about their problems student counsellor I think it's called XD right now I'm on my iPhone and it's really late about one in the morning so I'm going to try go to sleep! ILYASM TTYL!!! :D

Hiyah this is Rhiannon on the 11th of february i haven't updated this in ages, apparently britains got talent gives u results at the end of FEBRUARY i'm so excited thats all i've been doing since i was 3!! ever since january i've been practicing soo much!!! But if i don't get through i would be really upset because i've put so much effort into it : so i've been praying about it thats all i've ever done i just want someone to notice my singing :) anyway illl update this wen i get the results, bgt means so much to me id probably kill myself thats under how much depression i will be in ... Im just sooo nervous i dont know what to do ...... Anyway seee you later :/

Hi I'm back i can't believe it! I didn't get throughout to britains got talent i got the results ages ago so I'ma bit over it still so devasted though i realised that but doesn't base the show on talent it just for comedy and entertainment they only let a few good ones through then they let the bad ones go through.