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Hey - Darrin here. I (sort of) quit Hatena, but not entirely. I'm still working on some small flipnotes occasionally, but no more big projects or plans.

(Old Creator's Room - http://flipnote.hatena.com/504D8990F3650572@DSi/ )

(New Creator's Room - http://flipnote.hatena.com/57DEA5B0514AB90C@DSi/ )


Some of my Flipnote Friends... (none in any specific order)


•The Ghost






Nathan G.







Hero C


Shiny Eevee



Red Yoshi



•Bobomb Blast

•Pink Spark

•Dark Eevee


•D-Chan (Baby Luigi)


I know there are more, I just forgot at the moment and if I missed you then tell me and I will add your name to the list of victi- uh, friends... yeah...


  • Darrin_S ಠ_ಠ