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Hello everyone. I'm Dash and I am friends with MFG in real life!! I don't like Sonic very much in general, but I like Silver the hedgehog!! I support Sonikki VERY MUCH because its the most epic couple on Hatena >:D Okay, MFG wrote that >3<"

My character:

Name: Dash

Species: Rabbit

Age: 12

Personality: She is sweet and nice to all help friends, but can be a bit mean and annoying to people that make her mad or she doesn't know thats mean to her!

History: MFG will help me with that, I'm terrible with stories DX

OK So the first picture I drew on flipnote, MFG helped me a little bit. She also helps me with Dash and Nikki Shorts...

My fave creators are: I<3SonicMFG (BEST CREATOR ON HATENA!!), Lauratm (She's such a nice girl!), Hina, OEvie:UDO (Nikki talks about her so much at school -3-), LADY RING, Hannah (Nikki doesn't shut up about her. She literally always talks about her. It gets a little bit annoying) and alot of others!

Dash is single yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and she's staying single!

Hope you like me! And if you haven't heard of MFG, she is I<3SonicMFG and she's a really nice girl! Please check her flips if you haven't! You can find her on my fave creators!