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Hello, my name is Dawny. I have a lot of characters and stories. But I have two main characters named Dawnfire and Flamestar.

Dawnfire is a tabby she-cat who is very curious and strong. She loves to be with her friends and protects them.

Flamestar is a cat who is going through a lot of depression. He is upset that the fact his crush/ ex-girlfriend does not like him back, and is being called stupid, fat, ugly, worthless/ useless, and stupid. Everyone is also blaming everything on him when it is not is fault. He cuts himself a lot, and cares about his friends more then his life... he will die for them and is strong enough to fight the most powerful creatures in the universe!

I like to draw and animate. I like to write and make up stories. I like lasagna XD I love to talk to my friends and make them laugh. And I want to be a writer when I grow up.

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I will make a youtube account for my drawing, animations, and flipnotes soon! ;)

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