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Hello person that is reading this. I am $pike but my real name is (none of your buisness). Well I am going to tell you some random things about me. I love mmmuuuffffffiiinnnsss, just kidding. I like muffins but I dont love them, hahahahaha! Here are the goals for me on Flipnote Hatena.

Short-Term Goals:

100,000 gold stars-REACHED

50 green stars-REACHED

1 red star-REACHED

500 fans-REACHED

Creator rank #1,000-500-REACHED

Flipnote rank#200-100-REACHED

Average-Term Goals:

1,000,000 gold stars-REACHED

150 green stars-REACHED

10 red stars-REACHED

1 blue star-REACHED

2,000 fans-REACHED

Creator rank #500-100-REACHED

Flipnote rank #100-50-REACHED

Long-Term Goals:

2,500,000 gold stars-NOT REACHED

400 green stars-NOT REACHED

25 red stars-REACHED

3 blue stars-REACHED

1 purple star-NOT REACHED

Creator rank #100-1-REACHED

Flipnote rank #50-1-REACHED

Here are some people you have to add to your favorites:

  • Squirt
  • DmoDrmDude
  • Alexian
  • CoolDuck
  • EagleNbula
  • Burst
  • EmerBobr
  • LemonBAR
  • cwilcox16
  • Dark-Star
  • Shady620
  • E-Star
  • McFlyer10
  • Jar-Jar
  • Brawler610
  • SuprDee
  • Xach
  • Anthony

Please add those people to your favorites. I really hope yall can help me reach my goals because it would mean so much to me. Thank you and I love you all (you better love me back). Bye everyone.

  • $PIKE