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Nothing I say comes out right

I can't love without a fight

No-one ever knows my name

When I pray for sun, it rains

I'm so sick of wasting time

But nothing's moving in my mind

Inspiration can't be found

I get up and fall but...



I'm ALIVE! Oh, yeah

Between the good and bad's where you'll find me

Reaching for heaven

I will fight

And I sleep when I

I live, My life, I'm ALIVE!

Every lover breaks my heart

And I know it from the start

Still I end up in a mess

Every time I second Guess

All my friend's just run away

When I'm having a bad day

I would rather stay in bed

But I know there's reasons


When I'm bored to de.ath at home

When he won't pick up the phone

When I'm stuck in second place

Those regrets I can't erase

Only I can change the end

Of the movie in my head

There's no time for misery

I won't feel sorry for me