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Ellos there, Im gonna tell you a story. =w=

                                    • Ib-----------------------

A little girl went with her parents in a art gallery.

She looked at all thoose paintings, but then she saw a large one.

There is written: ??? World

The light begins to go on and out and on again.

Ib loked around, no person was there anymore.

She again walked to the large painting, under the painting is blue slimy thing.

She looked at it, the she turned around, on the floor was written: COMEIB

Then she loked at the slimy thing again, it turned to a written thing either.

It says: Come down below, Ib. Im gonna show you someplace secret.

She runned down the stairs to a big water painting on the floor.

In front of that water painting were blue slimy footsteps.

She goes in the water painting.

Under water she sees a dark place.

After she landed there she looked around, one picture in blue left.

And one picture in red right.

She oes to the left side and open the door.

There was a rose, a red beautiful rose.

She took it.

After some horrible things she lost some petals on her rose.

She noticed that the rose is her life for now.

If the rose will loose all theyr petals, she will die.

She went carefull on.

After more scary things she saw someone laying on the ground.


She heard how the man was full of pain.

She went of to find something to help him.

After that she found a blue rose.

It was damaged.

She placed it into a cup full of water.

The blue rose had all his petal back and she went to the laying man.

"Huh..What..The pain is gone..H-How"

The man looked up to Ib, she was crouched down to him and hands him his rose.

"W-Wha!? How dare you to take my rose..!"

Ib takes some steps away.

"Oh..You helped me..Well, thanks..But ...Wait..Are you some person from the art gallery..?..So you are! Oh thank godness! ..."

He stares at his rose and her rose.

"You have a rose either...Well,..Oh! I so forgot to tell my name, well that was rude from me Im sorry. My name is Gary, and whats your name?"

Ib starred at Gary and she slowely said:" My name is Ib..."

"Ib..Nice name you got there" He begins to smile. "How old are you?"


"9? That pretty young, Im 19 and you will coe with me, Ib. We will find a way out together from this place..Trust me."

Gary holds Ibs hand and walked on.

After other horror creatures and figures they met a young girl, Mary.

Mary and Ib became good friends, and Gary is like the old brother to the two girls.

Gary was trapped in a puppet room, Mary and Ib went of to find a way to get him out.

Gary stands in the puppet room all alone, he looks behind him, in front of him and beside him.

He was surrounded by dolls.

One doll has something written: Lets play a game, find the key in one of us dolls!

In front of Gary was a large painting with nothing on it.

The room went a little darker and a loud "DONG" growled in the room.

After the "DONG" a blue hand slowely crawled out the large painting.

Gary got shocked and takes the first pupped and ripped the head off the serach for the key.

Another "DONG" came and the other hand came from the large painting.

Gary is on his fifth doll to ripp its head of, nothing.

He taked his sixth doll.

Another loud "DONG" camed and now you can see the head of the large thing what crawled out of the painting.

It was a laaarrgee big doll.

The large doll was almost there to take Gary but Gary found the key erlier.

He ran to the door and inserted the key in the door, he open it and ran out as fasted he can.

" *Pant* *Pant* ..Never..Again..."

Mary and Ib found Gary siting on the flor waiting for them.

Ib saw his rose on the floor with out some petals.

She ran to him with wet eyes from her crying, she hugged him.

Gary found a book about Mary, it says Mary isnt a human, shes a painting, she got real to get some friends, she was all alone trapped in that world and shes still young.

Gary was shocked for some minutes:" No way! ...And shes right now with Ib!"

In the while Mary found a knife, she took it and placed it in her pocket.

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