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Self introduction - Have guild members embark on that Classic WoW cataloging assignment talked about earlier, be more selective about the folks you invite, choose a better name, better leaders. Once all Classic content phases have been released and completed, they probably wont touch this content again. You wont really experience quest issues at Blizzard - HOWEVER on PRIVATE servers there are a LOT OF QUEST BUGS. Small raids are an aberration, that really hurts the casual players view of the end game in WoW. In addition, I think the raids are a bad introduction to raiding in general. Like the druid, they are a hybrid class. Unlike the druid, they cannot fully replace the warrior or priest. It also recalculates aggro for the mob, most likely giving the warrior aggro permanently. 10% Barrier:To take aggro from someone, you must do 10% more threat than them. This means that the person with aggro may not be the person with the highest threat level. Id like to consider myself an open minded individual but I wont be moved on the stance that developers shouldnt die for any game, which Covid-19 may well be the cause of if studios and their publishers arent careful. Or, their goal may be to stop smoking cigarettes to improve the quality of their life and save a ton of money as a result. As of now the web...