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Magazines do not have to be racy or inappropriate for girls to enjoy reading them. Many companies simply take the easier marketing route of discussing older girls' topics in a younger girls' magazine. The ads are often unrealistic and bad for self-esteem. Be careful when choosing what your child will read every time she gets bored that month. There are several great publications you can choose that are fun to read while they boost creativity and a positive attitude.

K12 Reader

This is a middle school worksheet site. You will find the sheet is more developed and is all about getting ready for a write essays for me assignment. It is a main idea segment that helps the kids put together a cohesive argument for their viewpoint or a full report just on the facts. Most consider it to fit between sixth grade to eighth grade.

Kathi Mitchell: Ben Franklin Scavenger Hunt

This is a worksheet that takes a unique perspective. It is a scavenger hunt rather than just a worksheet. Your kids will fill in the blanks with things they know about Ben Franklin. From there they must find creative ways to collect all the different items. The kid or group with the most items wins the hunt.


EdSitement has fewer worksheets and lesson plans than other sites, but they are much more complete. The Ben Franklin worksheets come with a whole series of lesson plans including guiding questions and learning objectives. It is aimed at the older student. The worksheets come complete with ideas for extending the lesson. This includes crossover information to relate it to other arenas like science.

Ben Franklin was an inventor who was involved in all areas of science and politics. By using Ben Franklin worksheets, you can showcase a certain part of his life. Then you use that data to help introduce a new topic in science or in history. This type of learning tends to make the information stick better and helps recall for tests.

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