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-UPDATE- 6/20/11

Hi my fans, freinds' haters, stealers!xD I lost my DSi, But hopefully I will find it! And if I don't... well let's just say my Lynne PV will be cancled, or delayed. I think I'll stop working on it if I can't find my DSi... Also, I will me on vacation for 9 days starting tomarrow.

Here are the flips I'm working on. :3

1.How to Draw like Courtney Pt.1 (that is... if I'm going to make a part 2...)

2.Lynne PV

3. AND Request!


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Now About me! :D

I live in the part U.S. that greets itself with "hi" in the middle.

Gender:Female/ Girl

Age:- I have a sister (who has an account on here: id:UchihaGirl Well... I think that's it. look in my favs.)

And I'm a TOTAL OTAKU! I hope you don't mind if I keep this here For a refrence. Nothing personal or any thing.///