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Hello my name is Luis I've been drawing since I was 5 and have impproved much. I've never had any skills at animating things until I got flipnote studio! I didn't want anying too complex just basic needs and flipnote had all that! Seeing other people post there awesome flipnotes made me want to try harder and as you can see I have.

The other hobbies I like to do at my free time is play video games,hang with my friends,play sports,and draw on paper! I usally like to make flipnotes that make people laugh and trying be original with my flipnote ideas! I would always make people laugh at my school with my comics my friends and I made. So I guess I say I had pointers to comedy. People say I'm very artistic and that one day I can go"BIG!" When I would always draw my characters or cartoons I would always think if I can bring them to live one day. Flipnote came and granted my wish!

It may just be the internet,but so what! I just want to entertain people with my creativity. I've been using flipnote for a year now and overall I think it's perfect!

I would like to thank my fans,friends,and other people for looking at my filpnotes and all the stars they gave me! THANKS! I would never get this far without them! People should be happy for what they have it dosen't matter about stars or what is popular or etc. Just post flipnotes for people's enjoyment.