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Hey guys, the real me here.. I got back from vacation and skool is starting soon..

That means less flipnotes... -.- I hate skool.

Oh I heard today that looking at electronics could cause IQ loss, so in two weeks, I'll start staying away from my DSI.

No, I'll still make flips, I'm just saying they will be slow.

I'll try to keep in touch with you guys, ok?

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Hallo, my name is Shel. I am on Hatena because I'd love to live my dream as a famous animator someday, and I thought this would be a good start.

I like: Motivation, friends, family, Invader Zim, and Music.

I dislike: Trolls, H8rs, no motivation, the "new" spongebob.

Pairings I ship: Invader Zim- ZADR ZAGR RAPR.

Warrior Cats: CloudxBright, FirexSand, HawkxIvy, GrayxSilver.

Yay and I like Yaoi and Yuri so ya..

Comment if you like to RP or colab! :D

I have lots of goals that I will probably never reach.

I'm really sensitive and all..

I can be really sarcastic and moody and it depends on the day. I may or may not be an offence to you, and it is only when you become offence to me. You don't want to see me angry.



I am a girl and stuff..



Blood type

i dunno


Im paranoid of stalkers.



Place of residence



Animating, Drawing, Photography.

Special skills

Anywhing to do with hands... ewe

Nah, like Gaming, Drawing,etc..

Also, daydreaming gives you a wild imagination.

I come up with ideas...


English I know some German and Spanish.