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Hello. I will be making a Fan AMV and I hope all you Fans will enter in it :) Not much news happening just the usual. I am also introducing the lovely abhilash to the family (you can be able to see him in my chat) he may look creepy lookin but everyone loves him.

Well have a nice day. <3


She attended to me gracefully, she was actually proud to be in my arms I was happy. Happy to be in her arms my only wish was to be with her even though she didn’t appreciate me, for she loved another. I woke up tears streaming down my face only believing it was reality but my heart knew it was only a dream.

I staggered to think that she would come back, forever I lived on in the modesty of day and night wishing every doorbell would be you, every footstep would be you, every sight would be you.

To think I would be loved to think all I ever was loved by was myself to dream I would be forever in your arms IT WAS ALL A LIE. All you wanted to do was push me farther away from you So you wouldn’t look at me face because all you saw in that face was emptiness nothing just a gastly beast thinking that that beast would kill you I am not a beast.