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I ignore hate comments, I will not reveal my age :3333 I know some of my flipnote S#CK but I am a good friend, but somewhat very violent, I do protect my friends from hate, so beware hatrz.

Things I dislike: stupid homophobes, haters, a lot of fry foods, this whole "judgement world ending thing" , and there's is ALOT of other stuff i dislike that I won't list.

Things I like: healthy things, my little pony, excersise, sweet stuff, cake, creepy pasta, tv, video games, animating, drawing, art, dubstep, Pokemon, scary music, bloody things (that I WILL NOT include in my drawings or flipnotes) other things.......

Favorite animals: wolfs, dogs, foxes, cats, chinchillas (they are those very fluffy rat/hamster/squirrel things :3 I have a pet chinchilla)