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ok hiya all who want to learn about me not where i live foo >:U ok so i am 14 right now birthday is on dec 1 |:P get me something good or just say happy birthday idc XD so yeah :) tha reason i joined hatena is cause i wanted to improve on my art i can do cartoony! >:D so yeah now for some of my close freinds on hatena i made so far -dont be mad if your not here srry ;-;-

carlos- my 1st and #1 buddy on hatena i wanted to be like him one day now i hope im as good as you buddy

Rachel/sister- my best sister ever i love you so much sister thx for being a great sis and i still remeber how we met -always-

king/Derpbuddy- derp derp derp derpyty derp derp deeeeeeeerp! enough said :D

ariel- <3 heh heh ewe

Arthur/2nd derp- hes a epic guy .FT.

O-zone- you are a good random buddy

savvana- i love the way you draw soooo amazing i can never draw as good as you "-w-

wow i never knew i had so much close freinds ;=; theres alot more to lazy to say all dB so anyway sereis time >:D

MArio porady- -a new movie coming soon-

PB.MM.T- idk if i should...

Untold the movie- Might take more then a while :P

mario luigis darksides- -Cancelled?-

MV coming soon im listening to some i will make soon just wait i will make lots!!!

Im making a comeback ill be back soon so look out for me

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