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Hello!!! It's a me: Electro!

I've been here 4 over a year now and I've seen amazing flips during the time I've been here, and now I'll do the same. (even though I'll probably get reported more...)

Anyway..I love a lot of flips, but 3 creators have blew me away!!!

These are: Hoot, Phsyco, and Darkness!

Your flips are amazing!!!

Speaking of flips... I'm working on my own, too.

They are: C.O.D. Randomness, E.T.M, and some favorite creator flips.

Btw... E.T.M. probably won't be out until Christmas... because MY IDIOTIC S.D. CARD BROKE!!! -throws Dsiat wall- Ugh... but it's fixed now.

I now have an Xbox 360!!!

Gamertag: Electro1752

Put ur Gamertags in my new (still working on LOL) Xbox 360 Chatroom!!!

I also have 2 regular chatrooms. I'm making another one soon again.

That's all I have to say!!!

-Electro, Shadow, and Electro Team-